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IPE Wood Benefits and Advantages

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IPE wood is known as the Brazilian Walnut and its origin is in South America. This kind of wood is actually an exotic type and is also used to make outstanding structures. IPE woods also are very strong and is hard, able to resist rot, abrasion, insects and weather.

Another thing about IPE woods would be with its density and its hardness, which actually is twice as dense than most wood types and is actually five times harder. When you are in search for an exotic wood which can truly last its color for a long time, IPE wood is the best option for you. Brazilian ipe wood uses are many which includes fencing, siding and decking. The long life that it has makes it an attractive option for people who are making furniture.

Some other benefits of IPE wood are as follows:

Sustainable Wood Lumber

As what was seen earlier, IPE wood is able to last for a long time. Without any application, IPE can actually last for over 75 years. This could also withstand termites for up to 15 years or more.


IPE wood is sturdy as well. Having high density, it is no surprise that it could last long. This kind of factor in fact made it the ideal choice when it comes to decking.


IPE wood also offers an aesthetic benefit. The different colors that it has range from light to the darker shadows, which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to furniture works. This also comes with a smooth texture and have a uniform design, which is truly an ideal decking option.


IPE wood is also a very dense wood, which is one of the reasons why this has been loved by many. The density that it has made it resistant, sturdy and also long lasting. It also has a class A fire rating, which means that it is as resistant to fire as concrete and steel. It is also able to contract and expand than other wood types being sold in the market.

Exotic Value and Nature

Another thing with the ipe wood fence is that it comes with an exotic value. Going for such kind of wood in fact shows how important the wood structure is for you. The exotic nature that it has shows quality, which is another reason why this is loved by many people.

When you are ever considering IPE wood for your wood structure, you definitely made the right choice. Though it is priced a little compared to other woods, but the value that it comes with over the long run is truly worth your investment. To learn more about fencing, click here: